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SNN Serenity Gardens in Begur

Live around Lakes, Gardens, Entertainment and Restaurants.

Advantages of living in SNN Raj Serenity Community is spread over 1.25 Lakh Sft Clubhouse which now gets a boost of 30000 Sft. more at the Gardens Block. Lifestyle Facilities like, Indoor Sports Badminton Courts, heated pools, squash court, snooker zone and more are waiting to make your life a rewarding experience. Added Turf Football and Mini Football courts are also in place for extra stamina build up, Cricket practice pitch will be a great way to bond with the neighbours on a friendly game.

  • 2 Lakes One manmade and one natural

  • Lakeside Café

  • Sky Lounge Restaurant

  • 4 Guest Suites

  • Upcoming Commercial Complex

  • Doctor's Clinic

  • Heated Swimming Pool

  • Pet Zone

  • Bay windows

  • Work from home

Some or the salient features of Your Future Home in SNN Raj Serenity Gardens Blocks

Apartment with Work from Home Space

Leading companies across the globe are embracing flexible workplace arrangements out of a need to evolve with the times. Home offices are becoming more popular. Work-from-home flexibility has been shown to increase one’s productivity as well as happiness.  Serenity Gardens at Begur main road Bangalore, provides a dedicated space to fulfill the requirement of work from home. With plenty of space for a comfortable workday, the home office blends seamlessly with the rest of the modern design. In addition to the beautiful apartment itself. Our team can help you with the ideas to create this space… Most of the Units have this space creation facility…

Terrace Garden

Terrace gardens are an upcoming feature in today's urban environment. Understanding the importance of nature in one's life we are providing terrace gardens not only in pent houses but also in multiple apartments. Behind the idea of providing terrace gardens in maximum apartments of Serenity Gardens is to bring greenery inside the apartment and connect with nature in your own private comfort zone. After a long and complex day at work, terrace garden is the best place to relax with family and friends.


Three Lifts

Time is extremely important in our life, it helps us to organize and structure our daily activities. No one can escape the passing of time. Concerning that Serenity Gardens provides 3 lifts and two staircases.

Guest Suites

Amenities like guest suites are increasingly becoming popular in apartment complexes. Visitors and family members staying in guest suites can do so with ease at Serenity Gardens.

Guest Suites
Indoor International Basket ball court in Bangalore

Indoor Basketball Court

Most apartments offer outdoor basketball courts. Serenity Gardens is offering one of the best residences, an exclusive indoor international basketball court. It is a full-size standard court with the finest quality hardwood flooring. 

Bay Window

When you live in the finest ultra-luxury apartments, bay windows serve as an integral part of the luxury experience.  They provide the viewer with an unparalleled view of the outside while emphasizing the spaciousness of the apartment.


  • More brightness and natural light

  • Excellent views of the surrounding area

  • Clean, minimalist, and contemporary look

  • Increased curb appeal for your home

  • Amazing ventilation and plenty of fresh air

  • More floor space appearance 

  • A Cozy and Comfy Corner that you would like to just enjoy…

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